Welcome to my web site.

I am a Consulting Highly Specialist Systemic and Family Psychotherapist (in private practice and with the NHS) and a Specialist Family Mediator. 

I hope that you find the information on the Web site useful

My qualifications;- BSc MSc LLM UKCP, AFT, FMA PPC

I possess 2 masters degrees and academic and professional qualifications in law and have substantial experience in the biological sciences.

For most people the finding of an experienced and specialist counsellor or psychotherapist is challenging and even when contact is made the choice to work with a counsellor over a period of time can be daunting. Knowing this  I have developed a practice that balances psychological and psychotherapeutic insights and skills with a compassionate centred approach. At the same time, I keep in mind that it is essential to focus on the needs of those with whom I am working so that their care is my highest privilege. But my work offers more than a journey out of emotional pain and confusion, but more, in my work, I invite my clients to become what they choose to become. As Karl Jung said about himself,  ” I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”.

May I invite you to explore and consider whether you feel that I may be of help with your problem and – if you feel comfortable and interested – please contact me with any enquiry. I respond to  all enquiries within 24 hours and often  much sooner.

Please call me directly on 07976 512 823. The line is secure, private and confidential.

My email is juliansamiloff at googlemail  dot  com

I have consulting rooms in Newport in the Isle of Wight, in Hampshire and in Central London