About me

My name is Julian Samiloff. Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

I feel that as well as the practice and model of counselling and psychotherapy, the relationship with the client is itself a substantial therapeutic agent and of great importance. When a client feels distressed or is challenged with social, emotional or psychological burdens and seeks help from a counselor or psychotherapist he or she must be able to hope – even expect – that the therapist will not only be someone who will be able to help by the application of expertise, specialist skills and knowledge – but while doing so will be respectful, kind, compassionate, empathic and worthy of the client’s trust and confidence.

Beginning therapy

Through my practice as a psychotherapist and as a result of my own and other academic research I believe that the therapeutic relationship begins even before the client and therapist meet in person. The important relationship of trust and empathy – in my view – starts with the first phone call or even by the visit to the therapist’s web site.
Building upon this notion I feel that it is right that I should introduce myself to you and convey a little about who I am and what are some of my beliefs.


My route to psychotherapy has not been direct. I began my academic and professional life by reading for a degree in Physiology and Psychology. This was proceeded by four years of employment in academic research and learning support in the department of physiology at Chelsea College, University of London. During this time I also became involved with the university’s Philosophy of Science masters programme and the Neurophysiology of Behaviour masters course run by London Guildhall University. This valuable experiences was followed by a complete change of direction when I decided to read law and – upon successful completion of two post graduate qualifications joined the English Bar where for many years I practiced as a barrister and university senior lecturer in law.
Becoming dissatisfied with the way the legal system was dealing with people challenged by social, emotional and psychological burdens I found that I was becoming dissatisfied with my role. I realised that I wanted to apply my knowledge and abilities in ways that would help them find a path that would lead them out of their difficulties and into better futures. Thinking about my scientific, psychological, legal and philosophical background and amalgamating them with my transferable intellectual skills I undertook further study and training that eventually lead me to becoming a Psychotherapist.
Building on my training and experience of clinical practice, I set up my Psychotherapy practice to provide a much needed, unique counselling service for families and individuals living on the Isle of Wight. Since then I have expanded and developed my services to take in surrounding counties, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and London and to provide – uniquely – a personalised visiting service for ;- private individuals and families, business, executive and corporate clients, groups and organisations.


As well as being a barrister, having masters degrees in science, psychotherapy and in law I am a qualified and accredited psychotherapist. I am a member of the Association of Family Therapist – AFT – a member of the United Kingdon Council of Psychotherapists – UKCP – registered with BACP and a member of the FMA – Family Mediation Association. I am an accredited Family Mediator and qualified for under taking Direct Consultation with Children