Family Therapy – Transforming lives

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A child or teenager is taken into custody. This can be the end. No hope. A label that will be fixed to the young person that can condemn for life. But new there are solutions that work and one of them is a pioneering, intensive family-based therapy programme; Multi-systemic Therapy

Offered as an alternative to custody, MST is a home-based treatment for young offenders – therapist assigned to hold sit-down sessions three times a week to discuss issues, solutions and progress

Based on nine principles such as focusing on positives and strengths, increasing responsibilities of family members and continued effort

Therapist and family sit down to draw up behaviour contract, including regular school attendance and drug testing. Breaches result in punishment like grounding or denial of internet access. Success can be financially rewarded

Parents are taught skills, including argument exit strategies and encouraged to improve family life

Current UK pilot scheme in Cambridge and London overseen by the Department of Health

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