Finding Solutions and Resolving Problems

Separation and divorce and issues with Civil Partnerships frequently causes problems with money, inheritance and wills, housing and accommodation, and children’s issues; – contact and residence. Using the legal process including court  to fight the other side is slow, emotionally draining, stressful and very expensive. Mediation will help you avoid these problems.

As an experienced Family Mediator, with 25 years expertise as a barrister, and as a specialist and qualified family therapist, I work with both sides to create a fair and agreed resolution of the problems.

I make sure that during mediation  the  parties feel safe, comfortable and empowered. Client feedback tells me that they experience empathy, understanding and that they felt supported and guided  through the minefield of legalities.

I accept referrals directly from individuals, couples, solicitors and other professionals.

With my support you will be able to:

Decide what to do with the family home,

Decide where your child or children will have their main home or how shared between parents,

Create practical and appropriate arrangements for contact: – holidays, term times, overnight stays, foreign visits.

Agree childcare and finance arrangements

Improve communication between parents

Uniquely, and because I am qualified as a family therapist specializing in children’s issues  also because I am qualified in the specialist area of  Direct Child Consultation I  offer Direct Child Consultation which is helping the children or the child to find a voice.

By arrangement I can also co-work with a female colleague.