A Unique Service


People are refused Legal Aid yet they’re still unable to afford mediation fees so that mediation remains a service they can’t have. To address this unfairness I’m keeping my fees affordable to encourage wider access. Resolving conflicts for the many, not just the few.

I bring to my mediation practice an unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise: a barrister of 25 years standing, 19 years a university lecturer and a Highly Specialist Family Therapist. I work with children, teenagers, parents and families. I specialise in High Conflict cases especially where there is current litigation, Parental Alienation, cases where there is an addiction, mental health challenges, Cross-Cultural disputes and cases involving abuse.


If you do not want to mediate, but instead want to use the family courts to resolve your difficulties you will need to have a MIAMS first. I can do a telephone / Skype / Internet / MIAMS with you at your convenience and will send to you the completed paperwork for your court application. I have a flat fee of £70.


If you are in dispute with your ex about finances or children issues you may be thinking about the court. Before using court you must attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting, ……‘MIAM’ for short.

The MIAM is a meeting between you and a mediator. The mediator will explain: options, what mediation is, and how it works, pros and cons, costs, eligibility Legal Aid.

The meeting lasts around 45 minutes and can be done at your convenience over the phone or internet. Once completed you can decide on what’s next and can sign the documents permitting an application to the court, using a C100


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