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Postcards from another person’s reality

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We all think we know the meaning of the word ‘Reality’. We all believe that what we see, hear, taste, feel, smell touch and love are all real. Sometime our ideas of reality are challenged, but we dont worry because it happens in the cinema, on a computer and on 3D screens. Yet others have their reality challenged because of alcohol and drugs while for some reality is a challenge because of the way they think, because of their altered states of consciousness.

Working with people living with this  ‘altered’  thinking has made me re-think many notions connected with the medicalised concepts of  ‘mental health’ and helped me to create new ways to be of help.

If you would like to know more, why not pay a visit to ” Postcards from another person’s reality ” by Rachael Buchanan of the BBC

See also Rethink Mental Illness.

Children’s and Young Person’s Services on the Isle of Wight

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To find out more about  Children and Young People’s Services on the Isle of Wight click here.


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My clinical work involves working with children, teenagers and young adults. All too often I meet with children who suffer physical and emotional abuse so if you have a moment or two take a look at the NSPCC website where you can find a lot of useful information. Click here – NSPCC

Keeping Children Safe

  • If you are a young person who needs to talk with someone  either call   0800 1111     or click  here – CHILD LINE
  • If you are worried about a child’s safety  and you want to speak with an NSPCC counsellor for free, 24 hours a day. Call 0808 800 5000
  • If  you want NSPCC LEAFLETS AND RESOURCES  please click


New Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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While undertaking some meta research concerning the various interventions and treatments for PTSD I came across one theory of therapy that connected strongly with my own theories of mind and clinical practice.

To learn more click on ‘Use of virtual reality in PTSD treatment’.

The Works: helping others to free themselves from alcohol and drugs addiction

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As a psychotherapist a sad yet all too frequent challenge is meeting with clients, of all ages, whose lives are ravaged by  addiction. So to come across an organisation and a team of people dedicating themselves to combating the problem and supporting the suffers of these twin destructive diseases  is inspiring. Well done John Elford and the rest of the team.

To learn more click on  ‘The Works’ and to read the article see, ‘A way out of the black hole of addiction’

Laylas Trust

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When I came across the story of Layla I found a moving story that shows us all that despite that in the midst of life we may encounter  dreadful loss followed by suffering and long lasting grief yet we can can create generosity of spirit, human warmth and support for others likewise challenged by disease, illness,trauma and death.

To learn more read  ‘New charity to help families’ or go to Layla’s Trust

Seeds for Change

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One key pillar of my counselling practice is built on the ideas and principles taken from Family Therapy. On the Isle of Wight there is an organisation – Seeds4Change – that is likewise founded on the same principles and meets with families and with the aim, as they say themselves, to, train, equip and nurture families through the process of growth & change. Helping them to Repair, Restore & Reconcile ….

They may be contacted through their website: 

Counselling in London, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells

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Since setting up in my counselling practice on the Isle of Wight – (Newport) – I have also set up and practice in London, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells.

Your opinions are important to me

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Please feel free to take a look around at the services that I offer, and if you have any questions or comment, please let me know via my contact details page.