Couples and Relationship Problems

Many couples go through times when for a variety of  reasons they don’t feel happy with each other.  Often there are prolonged stressful silences and or arguments, shouting even violence and sexual relations and intimacy becomes difficult or stops. Often things get so bad separation becomes a possibility and when children are involved the difficulties become even more painful and the seriousness of the problem grows ever larger

Counselling and psychotherapy can help. It can be used to help those involved to  express their thoughts and feelings and to begin the process of understanding whats happening. It can also be used to help with the  unburdening of strong (often damaging) emotions. Clients often say, “at last, someone is listening and to me”.

Once a first meeting is arranged  I ensure that  care is taken to make clients feel respected and heard and an atmosphere created where shame blame and guilt (if present) are carefully and gently handled in a safe and confidential manner so that ways forward are created and the aims of the client identified.

In feedback clients have stated, “We both felt that we were better able to deal with our feelings and wants and to steer away from our rowing”.

During the sessions clients are helped to express their concerns and because I am able to create a non-judgemental environment the talking was kept, safe, focused and calm. Talking about feelings becomes easier and deeper problems can be aired and processed and each client is able to hear the other with renewed interest and candour and because trust and respect between clients and therapist is carefully nurtured clients feel able to talk about intimate marital problems without fear and shame.

Couples and relationship work is not about keeping people together and neither is it about separation. The focus is on helping the couple overcome difficulties so they take charge of what they really want. Often couples realise how much they care for  each other and when separation becomes a solution ways of achieving  it  humanely can be created.

If you feel that you want to explore couples and relationship counselling please cll me (07976 512 823) and we can arrange for a first meeting. If i cannot take your call, please leave a message and  I will respond within 24 hours. My line is  strictly private and confidential.