Depression and Low Mood

Depression affects many of us. Its a problem that many live with. Struggle along with. Great historical figures have led great lives yet been burdened with depression. Well known writers, actors, scientists, men and women of medicine and politics have all been touched with depression and other mental health issues. The movie actors, Salma Hayek,  and Brad Pitt have both spoken movingly about their struggles with depression.

To be helpful I have listed below some frequently occurring symptoms, behaviours,  feelings and thoughts that are experienced by those who have depression. The list is not exhaustive and you may have experiences that are not the same but are no less valid.
Research suggests that most people suffering with depression will not have all the symptoms, behaviours,  feelings and thoughts set out here but most will have at least five or six of them.

Ask yourself whether you;-

  • feel unhappy a lot of the time
  • have lost interest in life and or cannot really enjoy anything
  • are  finding  it hard to make decisions
  • “just can’t cope”
  • regularly feel tired, restless and agitated
  • no longer  find food tasty or satisfying, loss of appetite or have strange eating habits and put on weight
  • experience problems sleeping, getting to sleep, or waking up in the morning
  • have lost interest in sex, in friends, in work
  • have very low self-confidence, feel worthless
  • sense of inadequacy  and feelings of hopelessness
  • want to avoid other people and interactions
  • regularly feel irritable, bad tempered
  • have suicidal thoughts.

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If you have any of the above signs, feelings, thoughts or behaviours, please don’t suffer alone. You don’t have to. There are ways to overcome these problems. Please contact me today for a confidential chat and let us begin to create solutions and feelings of well being.