Domestic Violence

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy  is an effective process in helping facilitate the abused survivors of domestic violence to find ways out of their  emotional trauma. It is important to know that working in therapy does not that you have  to confront bad memories or traumas. Some clients choose to make encounters with the past while others do not. When I work with clients their needs and thoughts are privileged. My aim is to co-create a relationship  with the client which the client  may use for her or his his own personal growth.

When children are involved they can carry scars of the past events into adulthood. Often one sees people suffering; poor employment, troubled relationships and unhealthy lifestyles. By addressing the traumas, sufferers can free themselves from fear, resentment and guilt and a whole host of other symptoms. Together with the counsellor, clients can begin to see their past or current relationship patterns, identify their role in the trauma and by this self knowledge escape the ravages of self-blame. Once a client knows that they  were a victim, not a perpetrator,  their own value and self-worth can emerge, perhaps for the first time in many years. The research shows that survivors of domestic violence are weighed down with a damaged sense of self-esteem, guilt,  feelings of abandonment, and PTSD which affects every area of their lives.

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