My counselling and mediation  practice  is built upon the  central notion that I will act in the clients’ best interests and adhere to the following ideas and principles:

  • To be compassionate, honest, respectful and empathic;
  • To treat my clients in a collaborative way while respecting their autonomy;
  • To provide counselling sessions created to fit with the uniquely individual client need;
  • To keep in mind that individuals experience life within cultural, religious, economic, sexual, gender, social, political and physical environments;
  • To respect the rich cultural, religious, economic, social, sexual, gender, political and physical differences of people;
  • As a rationalist I subscribe to the principles and practices of  medical and psychiatric research, psychological and mainstream science, critical thinking and the significant contributions made to counselling and psychotherapeutic treatment by social constructionism and the philosophy of language and communication;
  • To be rigorous in maintaining continuing learning and be open to new ideas, models and thinking in counselling practice;
  • To be rigorous in being aware of  and maintaining my awareness of both child and adult protection and safety;
  • To maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the counselling and psychotherapeutic relationship within agreed and comprehensive ethical guidelines;
  • Being committed to the UKCP’s and FMA’s, ethical principles and codes of professional conduct;
  • To act in accordance with any legal requirements, practice and policies