Work Related Stress

The Health and Safety Executive estimated that nearly half a million people reported work-related stress, that 20% of GP visits concern work related stress.

Causes of stress include; colleague and managerial bullying, poor working conditions, poor job satisfaction, poor management, being given too much work to do, lack of support, disciplinary processes and fear of job loss.

The symptoms and effects of the stress include; anxiety, low mood, eating disturbances – over eating, under eating, eating junk food, low motivation, low sexual interest, feeling withdrawn, more angry and tense, increased smoking, pounding heart or palpitations, dry mouth, headaches, aches and pains.

Using my expertise can help you find different ways of responding to the problems in your work place. I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT, in my work together with a person-centered approach that will help you feel listened to appreciatively. I have also developed a personal and unique method of working and thinking that has a powerful effect on combating the challenging feelings and behaviour caused by work place stress.

I work with many clients seeking help, from employees self-referring to working with employees referred from their places of work.

I have experience of dealing with commercial enterprises, not for profit organisations, banks and building societies, insurance companies, major retail outlets and super-markets , the NHS, schools and charitable organisations. This depth and breadth of experience means that I have extensive knowledge as to their workings, their employee practices, HR and disciplinary practices. Clients include employees, managers and directors, teachers, head teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and lawyers.

Please feel free to contact me on 07976 512 823. My line is private and confidential and you may safely leave a message. If I cannot respond immediately I will call you back within 24hrs.