Occupational Health

The happiness and well being of  any person is of course essential and desirable but as an employee that personal well being is also central to the good functioning of a business or organisation: private and public sector, commercial, not-for profit organisations, and charitable organisations.

Occupational health is a means by which well being, physical and emotional, of a workforce is improved and maintained.

Government figures say that around 170 million days per year are lost to sickness and absence with a total cost to our economy estimated  to be £100 billion each year.

Using my expertise in CBT used with a person-centered approach and in conjunction with my unique and personally developed system my services are ideally suited to be applied in an Occupational Health context providing long lasting solutions and well being.

As an individual or organisation please feel free to contact me. My number 07976 512 823 is secure and confidential and if I am not able to respond immediately I will call back no later than 24 hours later often sooner.