Business, Executive and Corporate Coaching

In addition to offering Psychotherapeutic, Life, Business, Executive, and Corporate Coaching services to individuals I am also able to work with senior executives, groups and other professionals who are based within in a variety of organisations – corporate, academic, medical, artistic, sporting and others.

Currently I offer person to person individual work and or group and team work. When I feel it is warranted I can also facilitate executive coaching retreats and ‘away days’ for groups, departments and management and or group systems.

When involved in coaching with clients in a corporate or business context – where the organisation is the fee provider – substance and form of feedback, outcome reports and expectation reports – become an essential issues in client-therapist confidentiality. Consequently the nature and exact from of the confidentiality agreement is always discussed fully so that partied can proceed to a detailed consensual contractual agreement..

Issues and areas of work most frequently encountered;

  • Individual, group and corporate competencies and interests;
  • Hierarchical dynamics and relationships; – leadership, membership, group, super- peer and sub-ordinate management and dynamics;
  • Enhancing productive change; – individual and group;
  • Managing career options, goals and transformations;
  • Understanding and enhancing the career ~ personal life balance;
  • Understanding and use of subjectivities in achieving aims;
  • Enhancing and utilising specialist and general transferable skills; – conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, empathic peer and subordinate empathy

For a confidential conversation please either call me or contact me via my contact details page.