Contextual Intervention and Resolution

A brand new approach to age old concerns

Being overwhelmed by anxiety, fear or stress is not something that starts as you enter the consulting room. Nor does it stop as you leave. That’s why I don’t stop there either.

Whether acute or long-term, there are times in our lives when we no longer feel able to cope. The sudden death of a loved one, separation and divorce, accidents, loss of job, pressures of corporate life, medical emergencies, bullying, social phobias and related difficulties – in these situations Contextual Intervention & Resolution (CI & R) offers a unique, targeted, empathic and skilled response to client need.

As an experienced psychotherapist, I base my clinical approach on a simple idea – do what works best for my clients. With this as a key objective I set about creating a new dimension to practice – meet my clients in their environment – rather than mine – where they are more able to reveal what they think and feel, and how they behave.

Meeting clients in ‘real life’ situations – in their time – enables me to observe directly the effect of the problem on the client’s life and so gain a deeper understanding of their issues, enriching the client / therapist relationship and enabling me to help better.

Think of it as like having a “personal trainer for the mind”.

So, whatever is troubling you, I will meet you in a place of your choosing – at home, work, in a café, restaurant, in the gym, out walking, solo or with your partner, with the kids or without – and at a time that suits you.

Depending on need, and by mutual agreement, the duration of the meeting can vary from one or two hours to several.

For a confidential conversation with no obligation call me. For contact details, please see the contact me page.